Zahájení výstavy 1+1


Co: vernisáž výstavy 1+1

Kde: Gallery of the Bulgarian Artists Union, Shipka 6

Kdy: středa 18.6.2014 v 18:00 hod



The Embassy of the Slovak Republic is pleased to invite you to the opening of the exhibition "1+1" – Radostina Doganova and Xenia Bergerova, paintings.

The opening will take place on Wednesday 18th of June, 2014 at  18:00 hrs at the gallery of the Bulgarian Artists Union, Shipka 6, floor 4.

Under the Patronage of His Excellency Marian Jakubocy, Ambassador of the Slovak Republic in Bulgaria


The exhibition presents two authors - Bulgarian painter Radostina Doganova who lives in Slovakia and Slovak painter Xenia Bergerova. This is a joint exhibition of their creative concepts where they meet at certain moments, interact and simultaneously they move away while in their search.

Doganova and Bergerova have been working together for five years in the studio of the Bratislava Academy. From the beginning of their development both painters combine common path in search of new solutions for creative problems and tasks faced.


Pozvánka na výstavu:

pokana_radostina_xenia.pdf (87658)